Motherhood is MBA in Entrepreneurship

Looking at Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Motherhood
 Entrepreneurship came up in course of a coffee conversation last evening. One of my friends started mentioning this wonderful course in entrepreneurship which will teach us certain aspects. The list was interesting, but I could feel Deja Vu.
I happened to look back and 15 years flashed.

I was looking at my life and in the last 15 years two things I embraced and admired the most, one was being a mother and the other, being an entrepreneur.
From the time I conceived my first child, I was paranoid if everything is fine and am I doing the right things. Once my first born came, went through sleepless nights, and became like a hawkeyed focusing on every single detail. I learned to keep my ego aside and reach out to others for help, advice, and guidance. I learned to rely on my instincts.  As a first-time mother, parenting didn’t come with a manual. I was discovering, innovating, and writing my journal on the way. I found it tough, perplexing, and exhausting but at the same time soulful and serenely satisfying. I guess I share the same with every mother.

Now when I ventured and started my start-up, I realized that my journey was the same understanding, innovating, exploring, jugading, networking, etc.
I found myself in the same boat experiencing the same sailing experience, which was tiring, perplexing and exhausting but at the same time soulful and satisfying.
Motherhood is the journey of conceiving a baby to nurturing it till it flourishes. Likewise, Entrepreneurship is the journey of conceiving a business idea and nurturing it with full devotion.

One thing I forgot to mention is that as mothers we do suffer from a lot of trust issues when it comes to helping with our child. Delegating or trusting others comes with difficulty. And it was the same as an entrepreneur. But it comes with time. We learn that we cannot do everything ourselves and overprotect and if we do so we restrict the growth of our child. We restrict our children to become independent and similarly if we control and do everything in our business, we restrict the growth of our business and we restrict our business’s ability to run without us.

As I reflect, motherhood and Entrepreneurship are a journey sharing common learnings. I strongly feel motherhood is a free and natural school for MBA in Entrepreneurship.
Some most amazing qualities I embraced as a mother and nurtured further as an entrepreneur

Managing Ego over goals: reaching out to people and finding ways when it comes to the needs of our child or business.

Building a Support System:  Making the village work to raise our child and likewise building a strong team to achieve the business goals.

Relying on Instinct: Every child is different. Despite rules and guidance from others, we learn to rely on Instincts, and it is an instinct that makes an entrepreneur take that leap of faith with the idea.
Attention to details : As mothers, we become like Hawkeyed and as entrepreneurs, our attention to details magnifies as you can’t blame if something goes wrong.

Satisfaction despite the sleepless night

Motherhood is 24/7 and so does entrepreneurship

It is my perspective of entrepreneurship looking from the lens of motherhood. Motherhood should not be the end of a career, it is an MBA in Entrepreneurship. A shout-out and call out to every mother to explore entrepreneurial opportunities with their naturally acquired entrepreneurship skills to shape the world. Find your learning journal, mentors, and manuals on the way.


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