The 3E Formula Energy+Emotions+Exposure=Excel

There is no perfect day, no perfect speech, and no perfect formula. It is what you do with your day and your speech that really counts, and helps you come up with your own formula.
  • ENERGY: Build that energy and excitement for the stage. Energy is contagious. Your energy and excitement are mirrored by the audience. Make sure you show that energy and excitement in your voice, in your body language, and in your words.
  • EMOTIONS: The other E is your emotion. Make sure you are in control of your emotions and thoughts. Don’t let negative thoughts or emotions take over your mind. Play that “what if” game before the stage. Your mind is a slave to your emotions. Take control of your emotions and thoughts, and you’ll control your mind. Charge your mind with positive emotions.
  • EXPOSURE: There is no better remedy than continuous exposure to the stage. Nobody becomes a successful speaker by performing just once. Constant exposure is important as it will improve you day by day. Constant exposure is like your personal teacher. So expose yourself. Public speaking is an art you can only master through
  • continuous and constant exposure.
Go and ask public speakers, they all will have something that they do differently before they go on the stage and while they are on the stage. They’ve probably created their own formula. And now, you are ready to do the same.
As Gautam Buddha said: “Your mind is everything; what you think, you become.”
If you believe you can do it, you will do it.
I have seen people attend workshops, thinking that after hearing how to become a public speaker, they will become a public speaker. My dear friends, you don’t become a public speaker just by listening to one. You become a speaker by speaking yourself, by speaking on stage continuously and consistently.
Public speaking has become a part of many syllabi and courses. I strongly argue: don’t turn public speaking into just another hour of a course you attend. It should be one more of your skill enhancing hobbies; something that you enjoy, something that excites you, something that you look forward to.
Remember: Success comes through a fearless frame of mind and confidence. It is our mental attitude and fearlessness that allows us to plunge into the deep waters and come out with a fistful of gems.